Neil Smith : Diirector


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Neil Smith : Director


Eur Ing, BSc(Eng), MSc, CEng, FICE
Member, British Geotechnical Association
Member, International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering
Fellow, Geological Society

Over the course of a career committed to interpreting and understanding the ground conditions at sites around the world, and applying the knowledge gained to project design, Neil has accumulated a profound understanding of soil and rock behaviour under construction conditions. This has lead to his involvement, as designer, advisor or arbitrator in a great many complex construction projects.

By means of his close involvement in the British Geotechnical Association and the Association of Geotechnical Specialists Neil has contributed significantly to the increase in quality in the geotechnical industry over the last 20 years.

Brief Career and Recent Project Details

1994 - date Applied Geotechnical Engineering : Director

Expert Witness, arbitration, and claims advice on projects ranging from ground investigation to tunnel construction. Design advice for foundations of LNG tanks in Korea and Abu Dhabi, and oil production platform, Danish sector, North Sea. Geotechnical design ranging from earthquake resistant piled foundations at a nuclear power station to remediation works to failed pavement over backfilled chalk pit. Numerous site investigation designs in difficult ground conditions.

1994 Geotechnical Advisory Services : Principal Advisor

A wide range of specialist appointments included: the determination of ground properties for two large LNG tanks on heavily fractured and faulted limestone in Greece; assessment of the most suitable site for a proposed dry dock in Scotland; and the resolution of a sheet piling problem in London.

1989 - 1994 Soil Mechanics Limited : Director, Soil Mechanics Associates

Responsible for the geotechnical engineering consultancy division of the company. Projects included a 17km long railway line in Indonesia; numerous road construction and upgrading schemes in the UK; coastal slope protection scheme investigation in North Norfolk; investigation and remediation of shaft failures in tunnelling works. Co-author of a report to the UK Department of Transport on site investigation practice related to road construction.

1983 - 1989 Terresearch Limited : Geotechnical Manager

1982 - 1983 Ground Explorations Limited : Chief Soils Engineer

1974 - 1982 Golder Associates Limited : Senior Geotechnical Engineer

1972 - 1973 W S Atkins and Partners : Geotechnical Engineer

1967 - 1972 Terresearch Limited : Soils Engineer