Mason's Yard construction site

Expert Advice & Witness


Appraisal and advice on dispute involving sheet piling to River Trent.

Highgate, London

Investigation and advice on dispute involving buoyant foundation.

Drogheda, Ireland

Advice to piling contractor on claim for unforeseen ground conditions during construction in karstic limestone.

Cray, UK

Analysis and advice on pipe-jack problems and on shaft sinking and tunnelling. Investigation of ground conditions encountered, (unforeseen solifluction lobes) preparation and presentation of reports in support of Contractor's claim.

Swansea, UK

Assistance to specialist contractor with claim for unforeseen ground conditions encountered during the construction of a bored pile retaining wall in rock, including assessment of rock abrasivity and plant performance.

Newark, UK

Analysis of large diameter tank failure and advice associated with subsequent claim.


Assistance to diaphragm wall contractor with claim for unforeseen ground conditions.

West Kensington, London

Investigation of damage to adjacent office building caused by installation of sheet piles.


Advice to client on contractor's claim of adverse ground conditions encountered during tunnelling.

Park Royal, London

Advice to property owner on damage to buildings caused by creep of adjacent railway cutting slopes. Monitoring of structures using Videogrammetry.