Foundation design at Brick Street, Mayfair : shortlited for Fleming Prize

Foundation Design

London, UK

Design of retaining wall, bearing and heave control piles for new basement to be constructed under an existing Victorian Grade 2 listed building in Central London, with neighbouring properties on three sides. Design of monitoring system and checking data. Outline design of contingency measures to control ground movement.


Advice on basement construction for large development at a rail terminal, on soft, sensitive soils, including retaining structures and settlement-reducing piles. Assistance to Main Contractor on claim from piling contractor.

Dagenham, UK

Design of temporary works scheme for crane lifting heavy bridge sections on site underlain by very soft alluvium. The scheme put forward saved on excavation and removal of wet spoil and on time.

Brighton, UK

Design and control of grout injection works to control water inflow to several large diameter shafts in chalk together with review reports. Technical advice for claims associated with shaft and tunnel construction.

Athens, Greece

Investigation and analysis of foundations, design of grouting scheme and supervision of trial grouting to Karstic Limestone foundations of major LNG tanks.

Northern England, UK

Stabilisation of a distressed harbour wall. The gravity wall is around 100 years old and 20 m high. It is constructed of mass concrete and masonry. The work consisted of investigation to identify ground and groundwater conditions and the mode of movement, design of temporary works to reduce movements in the short-term and permanent works to stabilise the wall in the long term. Permanent works include ground anchoring, minipiling, and grouting/ground consolidation techniques, in association with dewatering and permanent drainage measures.


Assistance to the Transport Research Laboratory with drafting Design Standard for rock bolting and accompanying Advice Note for the UK Highways Agency.

Yorkshire, UK

Outline design of tanks and foundations on very soft alluvium in water treatment works, involving ground improvement by vibro-replacement supporting foundations and reinforced earth embankments.

London, UK

Advice to specialist groundworks contractor on the temporary works design of a basement at the Royal Opera House, London.

South Wales, UK

Design of ground anchorages and soil nails to retain road affected by landslipping.

Danish Sector, North Sea

Analysis of cyclic soil response and design of foundations for a major gravity base structure installed in 60 m water depth, with a base area exceeding 1 hectare.

Buckinghamshire, UK

Stabilisation of railway embankment/tip slope using fired soil nails and 'soft' facing.


Development of a polymer-based soil nail system. Construction trials successfully completed in 1997.

Scotland, UK

Expert advice to specialist contractor concerning a claim related to ground anchors and drilling techniques.

Istanbul, Turkey

Investigation and analysis of methods and problems involved in the tensioning and testing of temporary ground anchors.

Plymouth, UK

Design of 2000 kN capacity rock anchorages to resist uplift forces on lock structure.

Torquay, UK

Design and advice on stabilisation works to a rock slope, including micropiles and shear dowels.

Hong Kong

Design of double-protected rock bolt system and supervision/testing of trial installation.

Nottingham, UK

Evaluation of site data and provision of advice to specialist contractor regarding construction difficulties of ground anchors, including wash-out and loss of grout.


UK adviser to US team sponsored by the FHWA reporting on micropiling techniques and design throughout the world.

Yorkshire, UK

Investigation of foundation failure of concrete waste water treatment tank c.25 by 45m founded on alluvium reinforced by stone columns. Design of underpinning scheme to transfer structure loading onto piles.

Nanjing, People's Republic of China

Assessment of pile type and design including effects of raising site levels on negative skin friction and settlement for large new petrochemical complex to be constructed on very weak ground.

Newcastle, UK

Evaluation foundations for conversion of large 19th Century silo complex to a major art gallery.

St John's Wood, London

Advice to main contractor on support to deep trench adjacent to existing plant and buildings within an existing power station.


Ground characterisation and advice on foundation design for large LNG tanks.

UK Sector, North Sea

Analysis of behaviour of existing gravity-based oil production platform.